Earth tube component error

Hi all,

I have found odd thing happening with the AddEarthtube component. One of the inputs, the Fan Efficiencies, when connected, is making the whole component to go in error message (see the images below).

I suspect that the problem is a bug in component, since the number I am putting in should be alright. Do you think it is true?

thank you

@chris, can you help with this?

@choteada .
Sorry for the late response. I was hoping that @AntonSzilasi , who is the author of the earthtube component would answer sooner than I.

It seems the issue was just a typo in Earth Tube component code, which I just fixed here: (476.9 KB)
I also changed the default fan efficiency to 0.7 since that would be some magical fan if it had an efficiency of 1.

In any case, you should be all set and thanks for finding/reporting this issue!