Empty annual_analysis_file + Camera setting issue

Goog morning everyone.

I was performing a DGP analysis through Run Daylight Simulation. The problem is that the component runs the analysis without any kind of warning, but, eventually, the output annual_analysis_file is the only one empty and, unfortunately, the only one that I need for my analysis (in case I understood it well).

Without that data, I cannot continue with the visualization of the outputs:

Also, I have no idea (since I cannot see the outputs of the simulation) if the way in which I set the camera view is correct or not (the following red group).

Unfortunately, as a new user, I am not able to attach the *.gh of the simulation.
In case the info I provided are enough to help to solve the problem, let me thank you in advance!

Update: the annual analysis output generation (the *.ill file, to be precise) looks like it follows a random pattern.
Sometimes it is generated, some other times it is not. It looks like it is a bug rather than an issue, and the solution is to try over and over until it is created. When it is created, in fact, with the same boundary conditions it shows consistently the same results.

What it is unclear, still, is the setting of the camera for the DGP.
I followed the GH on Hydra (http://hydrashare.github.io/hydra/viewer?owner=mostaphaRoudsari&fork=hydra_1&id=Glare_Analysis&slide=0&scale=2.713208654895344&offset=-1002.746346515976,-432.50426027877495)
This is the model:


and the camera is set to start from the face of the model, in the direction correspondent to the normal of the face of the puppet:

therefore, what should I do to set it as camera for the DGP analysis? By default, in fact, the output is the room analyzed seen from far far away:

Which image comes from this recipe and analysis:

Since I read the input “rhino views name” in the recipe, then I tried to create a view which position was the face of the mannequin and the direction its normal, trying to make it in this way, and connect it to the recipe, but it was definitely wrong.
View creation:

View connection in the recipe:

But nothing changed in the outputs.
What should I do to set in the proper way the point of view for the DGP?

Thank you in advance!