Empty cmd when running daylight simulation

Hello everyone!

I have encountered a problem running a daylight simulation on one of our computers. When running the simulation, the cmd windows just show up very briefly without any content in. Then the end I get this message.

After going to the source folder it seems that some files have not been generated (for example the .oct file). So it seems that no results were generated, as I understand oconv did not run at all.

Everything was recently reinstalled, using all of the newest versions of Radiance, DAYSIM, Energy plus and LB and HB.

Do you think it is an Radiance installation problem (even though all files seem to be in place) or LB & HB?

I have never had this problem before, so if anyone has a solution please let me know.


open the .bat file in notepad, write pause at the end , close it, and double click on it , it will pause the cmd line window , so you can read what´s the problem



Hey Peter, thanks for replying.

The thing is that when the window runs, it is empty…



Hi Mihail,

It will be easier to figure out what went wrong if you can share your gh file.


There is no .oct file so the analysis is not running. Do you have radiance installed correctly? The component should give you a warning if there is an error during the run. As Sarith said it’s really hard to tell you why this is failing without having the file.

Thanks to both of you for responding on my request. It turns out that Radiance is not whitelisted in the system and I am guessing that Radiance is not allowed to launch, therefore the simulation did not run. Do you think that’s a valid point?

Hi Mihail,

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘whitelisted’ but in case you can’t run radiance then the error that you [don’t] get is expected.