Empty result from Daylight Analysis

Hi all,

I’m having a problem with Honeybee_Run Daylight Simulation… I guess my inputs is correctley pluged in it, but there is no any result. I’ve followed almost all the steps showed on the Hydra’s example “Parametric Daylight Analysis”. But hte component didn’t run

I attached my .gh file and a image that shows part of my problem

CR02.gh (665.1 KB)

Could anyone try to help me solve this?

Thaks a lot in advance

Connect a Boolean toggle to _writeRad. Recompute the canvas. It should run fine.

I’ve done that before, but it didn’t work. So many error are showed me :confused:

Works fine for me.
I noticed that you probably updated a very old file. i suggest to reinsert the LB_LB and HB_HB components.

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