Energy Balance per space breakdown - Solar enclosures causing difficulty extracting on a space basis

Hi All,

I really want to understand the balances happening at each zone, but the thermal balance component takes issue if you don’t input the entire model. In my model, I have a very large space that is interconnected via atriums / voids, essentially making the large building a single volume made up of many different zones. I believe this is why it only provides me a single ‘solar enclosure’ when I look at ‘solar gains’ as an output, but this solar enclosure is what is making it very difficult for me to extract all the relative parts properly.

In the example below, I’m trying to grab only the conditioned spaces and understand why I am getting the cooling results that I am… with little luck!

As seen above, the solar is missing and looks like storage is trying to compensate for it.

I can grab a monthly breakdown of the entire building, which can help me understand on a high level, but I really need to break this down further to understand what is happening level by level…

Is there a method in which I can do this with the new versions? It seemed incredibly simple in legacy given solar would actually be given per space.

Thanks in advance,