Energy balance with division into different sources

Hi. I realized that in my model, despite cold climate zone the insulation has almost no effect on heating need. So I wanted to check what is the actual energy loss through the surfaces. I can easily check people and sun heat gains and infiltration and ventilation losses but I wonder how to check how much energy is lost via heat transfer???


However now I have another question :slight_smile:

The problem is I see very small effect of adding insulation. The conduction losses are very small.
The starting point of having around 10 cm insulation is 46 kWh/m2 year
Adding 35 cm insulation (45 cm in total) results in lowering heating need to 39 kWh/m2
This would not be true in real case I think.
Here is the comparison between those 2 cases

You can see that the conduction part is very small even in December.

Thank you for posting the reply. I suggest you start a new topic for a new question!