Energy form output from honeybee and PV

Hello. I am a beginner at honeybee energy simulators. I have a question regarding the energy form from the output of HB read room energy result component and also LB Photovoltaic surface AC power output. I need to know the result is in which category of energy form, Primary, secondary, final, or useful. The attached diagram and components output can help me to know the state of energy form in order to make correct comparision between energy demand output and energy produced by PV . Thanks in advance.


MicrosoftTeams-image (4)

As long as you are running the LBT plugin using a detailed HVAC system (and not the default ideal air system), all of the energy outputs are either electricity or fuel. If you using the default ideal air system, the heating/cooling is the amount of heat that needs to be added/removed from each room to meet the setpoint (instead of electricity/fuel). Engines like EnergPlus aren’t really meant to model primary energy and you’ll need to do some research into the local electric grid to convert electricity and fuel to primary energy.

Thanks a lot, @chris