Energy intensity screwed up after modifying program parameters

About to understand and playing around a bit with modification of simulations I tried to modify the parameters of MidriseApartment.
The model is build out of the, only the room is a shoe box now with a bit of shading and made of faces instead of a solid.

When I apply the program as MidriseApartment to the HB Room component everything looks like making sense and the energy intensity output shows like this.

When I plug in MidriseApartment as base of a modified set, the whole thing looks quite different.

Can anybody tell me why everything seems so messed up after this modification? (168.7 KB)
Also it is not clear for me why I don’t receive an attribute (8W/m2)?
In another way more complex (same style) simulation I’m getting one at the same position.

It doesn’t look messed up to me, @Martin6 . It looks like you just ran the simulation with a much better envelope that has less infiltration and better insulation. As a result, both the infiltration and the heating load dropped a lot.

The reason why you have a larger storage term in the second one is probably because of the domestic hot water (DHW) that’s used in the residential program. It’s a little tough to account for this DHW correctly when you are constructing your own energy balance because most of the heat contained in the hot water ends up going down the drain and only a small portion of it ends up heating the rooms. But, if you use the “HB Annual Loads” component instead of constructing your own energy balance, the service hot water’s heat contribution to the room should be correct.

Yes @chris you are right. I think I used mayby a to strong term.
But still I’d like you to have a closer look at the Light component. Because I actually asked 4 times less light than the Midrise Apartment is using. And I got way more. That’s influencing the chart, isn’t it?

What did you change the lighting schedule to? You should use the same Midrise Apartment lighting schedule if you want to only study the drop in installed lighting capacity.

Well, looks much like mostly when it comes to complaints about computer programs, the screwed up part is sitting in front of it.

The behavior of the storage component was a riddle for me so far, because it sort of seems sensible to other parameters. Your explanation was very helpful for me.
Of course, when you send a full bath of still hot water down the tube, then it’s one of the reason why cities are much warmer than the surrounding landscape.

Besides following your suggestion to use the “HB Annual Loads” component I tried a bit more to understand manual programs. Actually I was able to reproduce all settings of the “Midrise Apartment” perfectly until I added heating and cooling.
Then I received something like this.

The reason for the strange behavior is the naming. In this case “Temperature” was plugged into both “HB Weekly Schedule” components.
When the names are different everything is fine.

Maybe it makes sense to implement something to avoid this, if somebody does it accidentally?