Energy Modeling Primer

I am familiar with Ladybug tools from architecture school but I now have to create some energy models in a professional environment.

Is there a set of tutorials, PDF or video, that is a basic starting point for Honeybee modeling?

Also, what is the interface between DIVA/Archsim and the Ladybug environment? Is there communication between or do they offer completely separate modeling environments.

Any ideas the right stepping stones to move forward would be great.

PS. i AM watching/working through the information on this group page!


You can use EnergyPlus or OpenStudio in Honeybee. They both have their own learning material which you can use to start educating yourself about the principles of energy simulation.

As you have probably already found it from the page Chris’s playlist is a good starting point:

There is a newer series of videos that Chris presented at Performance Network which has a number of videos related to energy modeling.