Energy simulation beginner question

Hello Guys
I am a student in Efficienty Energy in the construction field
I am trying to use Honeybee and Ladybug to get the Energy Intensity, peak load and temperature of my building.
The teachers could not found the mistake so this is my last time :slight_smile:
I selected the different zones but the panels are still nul !!

Same for after but that s logical !

Could that be because of a bad downloading ?
Of course, I closed both of them many time to be sure.

If anyone of you has a suggestion just tell me
Thanks you

Have you watched any of the tutorial videos?

Or checked the examples on Hydra?

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Yes Thanks … I watched them
I found the solution
Now I have this problem

Any idea about what does that means ?

From the error you get i suggest to do “reverse engineering” and look if your materials/constructions are well defined. Probably not and something is missing in their definitions.

So sorry again
Now the grasshopper is working but as soon as I change the zone … that have this kind of message :

Does one of you know what to do ?
Do have I to change the design on Rhino ?
Best regards

I believe the error message is pretty clear: You are connecting already defined thermal zones while you need to connect just ray geometry (as you just get it from Rhino or GH native components).
Without having your file is hard to say otherwise.

This is a bug which is fixed in the new version. You can read more here: askMe component showing zone info not connected to it

In any case there is an easy work-around. Try to re-set the input Breps from Rhino. e.g. right click > set multiple breps, …

thanks for the great work, I was watching Chris’s videos and well he is great, but I have a little problem. I just attached the pic and the gh file. would you mind to giving me a little help? the analysis I am trying to create is in the 6th video. I am an absolute beginner. I get this error: (588.5 KB)

I just find out it has a problem with “Honeybee_Glazing based on ratio” component. I made it a little simpler and still it generates an error. If I use “Honeybee_Solve Adjacencies” component it will just make a warning not a fatal error.

Hi @daniel.dolatabadi, If you haven’t already solved the problem I suggest to post it as a new topic.

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Loulwa.rar (1.2 MB)

Hi could you please check what is the proplem in my definition

Thank you