Energy simulation errors with LBT 1.4

Hi all
I have recently started using LBT 1.4 for running energy simulations. Previously, I was using the legacy version for the same.
However, the simulation output is not getting created and shows several errors (one of which is no CSV table as output). Please refer to the attached file.

P.S. None of these issues occurred in the legacy output. The attached script is for a batch of students to that I am teaching LBT. An early response would therefore be greatly appreciated.

Test (123.9 KB)

geometry is not attached or internalised

Hi Erikbeeren. Thanks for responding.

Please see the attached script with internalized geometry.
Test (143.6 KB)

My sincere apologies! I internalized the entire room but the individual surfaces. Please see.

Test (153.9 KB)

Test Script1(2).gh (145.7 KB)
I changed the epw file and asked for HVAC energy output. Runs fine.

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Kudos to you Erikbeeren. Yes! this is working.
Much thanks,