Energy Simulation_Heating issue

Hello guys,

I’m still here questioning how to see the end of the tunnel.

In fact, after setted up all the parameters and schedules, I got that during winter the kW of heating are zero during the operative hours. I’m not able to figure out why, can you help me?

Thanks a lot,



I cannot make it to run. My suggestion is, update all components because some of your components is quite old, and I know there have been some issue that is fixed now.


Hi Daniel,

you’re right, sorry.

I think I understand why I have zero for heating, because of the amount of solar gains coming from the transparent window.

However, if someone could see the definition so as to be sure about the results, I’ll be happy. I double checked the idf file and seems everything ok.

In attachment the file with the updated components :slight_smile:

thank you,


Energy Simulation (559 KB)

As far as I can tell, all looks good, Marco.


Thank you for you many helps!