Energy simulation-one HB zone come to three results of the same value?

I am starting to learn how to use Honeybee and have downloaded some file from the net. In one file, using the ‘Run energy simulation’ component after creating one HB zone, When i connected the output to ‘read EP result ’ and ’ seprate data’ components, I got three results of the same valus. I think the script have run three times. I don’t know why, is there anyone can help me? (566.2 KB)

Your file is not running on my system. I get errors in the RunE+. Changet to exportToOpenStudio and still have errors … that i don’t have the time to check.
Anyway, connect the north value (27) to the north input instead of the NorthSign.


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I wish there was a better way to enforce this!

Maybe checking the input type (number)?

Thank you.You suggestion is right. Connect the north value(27) to the North input can solve the problem.
There are three values in the Northsign output ,including one trimmed surface and two line-like curves.
I think these may cause the problem

Thank you for you advice. Three outpus of Northsign component may cause the error.