Energy Simulation severe errors

Hi, I’m struggling with five ‘severe errors’ when trying to run an energy simulation. Some of the errors seem erroneous e.g. no weather file attached, whilst others I’m not clear about.

I have run this script in the past (2 years ago!) no problems, but am revisiting/updating all components. I have latest GH/Ladybird/Honeybee and removed old stuff. Connecting fine with EnergyPlus.

If you can help that would be great. Thanks.

Opt 1.3dm (521 KB)
Opt (975 KB)

Try attached.
You needed to replace a couple of components.

And now the file.

-A. (990 KB)

Hi Abraham, I can’t see you’ve changed any components? So on running I get the same errors. Robert

Hi Abraham, I see which two components have been updated, but as noted, the same errors with ‘RunEnergySimulation’ component. Robert

It runs for me with warnings but it runs.

The errors are related, mostly, with the solar distribution. Probably because you have convex surfaces. But anyway, i used a different option for this and still have warnings. In any case, the simulation ends and you have results, which i recommend to check.

I added a simPar component to do that (attached). If you get a severe/red result, probably something is happening at your end. Check the top/right balloon for that.

-A. (990 KB)

Hi Abraham, have been checking my surfaces which result in a closed brep and the roof is recognised as ‘roof’ by HBObjects, which I thought might be the problem i.e. ‘non-convex’ surfaces. Also reviewed Chris M’s videos for making brep from surfaces but all seems fine. Made a few corrections to wall construction types but seemed to make no difference. I get no data results when energy sim is run, just the severe warnings as noted on attached jpeg. If you’ve any further suggestions about ‘my end’ likely problems or component issues I’d appreciate it. As mentioned I ran this in the past no problems, same PC etc. Resaved yours as Opt2. Robert

Opt 2.3dm (624 KB) (991 KB)

When i said “at your end” i meant that something related to your machine.

The file runs fine for me. It ends on an orange component (warning results), but the simulation finished.

It even get results, though there are severe errors related to the previous mentiones issue with solar distribution:

I changed the period form 12-2 to 1-3, since the BarChart has trouble going from month 12 to month 1 (there is a bug which i’ll report on the github).

-A. (1010 KB)

Hi Abraham, I use my PC for all CAD sofware including CATIA but don’t experience any problems. Processers, memory, graphics card all to Dassault’s requirements for example for using 3D Experience, which is probably the most rigorous CAD spec expected by a vendor. What kind of generic problems do you think the PC may have, so that I can check, or fix, or get what I need?

Hi Abraham. Ok, I have it working.

Anyway, getting data out.

Thanks for your help.

Probably the path you provided for the EPW has a white space Not the EPW itself)?

Anyway, glad to hear you can go on.


I suggest to do open a new thread.
Indeed is a severe error, but the error is much different than the one of the original discussion.
Seems to be more related to some faulty definition of your HVAC system, which unfortunately i can’t be a much of a help (as opposed to a missing EPW file).