EnergyPlus 8.3

Dear forum’s users, Those one who is using Grasshopper for parametric analysis, please consult:

  1. How within grasshopper GUI adjust parameters of interest inside .idf file

  2. Make .idf runs by any energyplus version

  3. Read output:variables csv in grasshopper

  4. Back to position 1 Now

Honeybee partly provides these possibilities, but it creates idf inside, what provide a lot of limitations. I want to find more flexible way to use Energyplus interconnected with grasshopper.

Hi Artem,

Not sure this is what you want but I’m pretty sure you can create and .idf in Honeybee and then import it to energy plus, edit or add every advanced option you want, and run it. Also, if you are comfortable with the E+ objects, you can add additional strings in the Honeybee energy simulation component directly.

Another thing you can try is the OpenStudio workflow, within Honeybee, that allows to quickly setup detailed simulations (although it is still in development).

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


Thanks for reply, Theodoros.

For me much more comfort to create idf in idfeditor, and I want just put some parameters inside idf by the means of grasshopper, run energyplus.exe and load outputs from modeling back to grasshopper. After that - iteration. Is that possible to make automatically?

What should I do for that?

Hi Artem,

Sorry for the very late reply.

What are those parameters that you want to change. Some tools like jEPlus may serve your purpose much better.


And back to the topic of the discussion. If you update to the latest version on github it will support EenergyPlus 8.3.0

Thank you, Mostapha. I think it has sense to hold on with this question until I will approach to more specific task.