EnergyPlus FMU Socket.cfg not found

Hi there,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am currently working on a co-simulation using the EnergyPlus FMU platform for a simulation created with Honeybee. However, I have encountered a critical issue:

Severe ExternalInterface: Did not find file “socket.cfg”.
~~~ This file needs to be in same directory as in.idf.
~~~ Check the documentation for the ExternalInterface.
Fatal Error in ExternalInterface: Check EnergyPlus *.err file.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance you could provide on resolving this issue.

I have another question, is there a feature within Ladybug Tools that supports a co-simulation environment?

Thank you very much in advance for your time and assistance.


Hi @behnammmohseni ,

Given that this question is deep in the weeds of EnergyPlus and doesn’t really have any part of it that’s specific to Ladybug Tools, it’s probably more appropriate to ask this type of question on the UnmentHours forum. There are some people over there who have posted questions related to EnergyPlus FMU and some of the E+ developers are over there. So they can better answer questions like this.

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