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The issue to access the #2 daylighting workshop videos should be fixed now. Sorry! :expressionless: Have a great week! :grinning::muscle:


I had issues yesterday and now it says “This promotion is no longer valid. Please contact the creator for help”. Can you please help? Thanks!

Which video are you trying to watch? The promotion is currently only available for #2 Parametric Daylight Modeling:


This is too good… Thank you so much !!

@mostapha awesome, thank you so much!!. One question, will the first video from last week be available again?

Hello, thanks for your kindness that give us this opportunity to learn ladybug and honeybee. I am student in Milan, Italy and this tutorial videos are so helpful for me to design adaptive facade. Unfortunately I understood late and I lost first week. I am wondering if it is possible for you to extend time for first week. Thanks for your attention.

Thank you for your kindness at this difficult time for everyone! :relaxed:

hi, is it possible to get the week one video again please.?? i have been searching for tutorials of facade analysis in lady bug please please it will be very helpful if you can

Is it possible to access the last 3 videos of the ‘Parametric Daylight Modeling with Honeybee’, I could only watch the first 2. Now the promo does not work :frowning:

Hello! I am Debjit. I am a student from India. I am working on Net Zero Energy School building for my thesis. Unfortunately, I am late to know about this course today i understand its late so promo code is not valid anymore. Is it possible to access the videos now? This will be really helpful for my thesis. Thank you for your attention.

Hi Mostapha,
Thank you for sharing these valuable workshops and making the lock-down period fruitful and entertaining. I had issues yesterday accessing the daylight modelling workshop and now it says “This promotion is no longer valid. Please contact the creator for help”. Can you please advice on this? i do understand the promo code might be overdue by now, is it the case?
Many thanks, Joey

I am so happy to be able to access these workshops! You are making my quarantine more productive!
Are you going to release another vote for week 4?

Thank you!!!

The votes from the last two weeks shows the same ordered pattern. As such we decided not to do another voting this week and release the videos in order during the next upcoming weeks.


Hi Mostapha, thank you for this amazing opportunity but apparently the promo code does not work. Is there any other way to view the last two workshops?

Thank you

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Hi Mostapha, thanks to you for make free your learning Ladybug video,but i have problem about it,i used ‘learn-ladybug’ code and buy it but it doesn’t work.can you help me?
thank you so much

very appreciate for it !!

Hi, Mr Mostapha, how are you ? Hope that the epidemic will pass sooner and fewer casualties .
Yes , I have 1 question: is it any possible to see the " #2 Parametric Daylight Modeling with Honeybee" by promo code ? I forgot to make it ,just now “week 3 [#3]” has made it already. So if possible to made the “week 2” by promo code ,please tell me. Thank you so much ! God bless you and your family friends .

Warm regards :grin:

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Hi Mostapha,
thanks for the excellent initiative, unfortunatly the promo cod is not anymore valid, is it possible to extend the access by few days
" #2 Parametric Daylight Modeling with Honeybee


hi,Mostapha,I can’t log in to vimeo at all since week 1,I sincerely hope I can see the video!

Hi Mostapha, Thank you so much for making these videos free during this time. I’ve been learning a lot from them.

Thank you!!

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