Envimet error: WindowsError

Hi everyone
I want to run thermal comfort analysis with envimet-ladybug. But as I connect boolean toggle to runheadquarter- it gets the error: 1. Solution exception:WindowsError
What can I do with it? Does anyone have any idea? I really appreciate it

Hi @leilapasandi,

There are two projects about envimet components: lb_envimet and df_envimet. The first one is borned as part of Ladybug WIP (Rhino 5 compatible and it is written in Python), the second one is part of official release of Dragonfly legacy, it requires Rhino 6, it uses other tecnologhy and it supports ENVI_MET 4.4.1.

What version of ENVI_MET are you using?
I need to update lb_envimet in order to support the latest version of ENVI_MET.
Anyway, I see from the code that the error could be generated by a different structure of latest version of ENVI_MET. Could you try to use attached component?
fixedTest1.gh (10.0 KB)

Let me know if you are able to open the file and so if it works,

Hi @AntonelloDiNunzio
Thanks for your quick reply. Yeah it now works fine. But when I want to run simulation it doesn’t calculate it and have these errors.

Do you have any suggestion for this to fix?
I really appreciate it
Thank you

Hi @leilapasandi,

So you are using lb_envimet and Rhino 5.
It depend on geometries. Could you attach the gh file with internalized geometries so I can replicate your issue with lb_envimet WIP?


Yeah I’m using rhino 5 and lb_envimet
Sure… Here it is :
3.gh (456.1 KB)
By the way, I wonder if there is a way to analyze thermal comfort because I haven’t seen it in lb_envimet componenets

Hi @leilapasandi

There is an invalid brep, you can try this file: 3_fixed.gh (460.1 KB)

A best practice is to clean geometries as soon as possible. I will add some warning to inform people about invalid geometries.

Other best practice: check if there are small empty space within envimet model, this could create instability during the calculation (this is a question of ENVI_MET, it is not related to the plugin)

In order to achieve a comfort map you need to use 4 components of Envimet read outputs and use Ladybug comfort indices. You can calculate PET, UTCI, PMV and so on…

When you can, please try official plugin df_envimet.