EP Window Shades

Hello everyone. I am trying to figure out how do I get the fraction of window that the shadowing device cover during the day. I set the exterior blind using the EP Window Shades, and I would like to know how this shade moves during the day. Does anyone know where I can get this output?

The shading can be only on or off according to the set point I set? There isn’t a fraction?

EPContextSrf is the one you are looking for.

you can create a schedule (hourly) to control the shadings as well. It can take fraction values.

hey mingbo, it is a good idea but the energy seems not very sensitive with this shading context because it is calculated as exterior shading not calculated within the zone.

Hello! How do I put it within the zone?

Yes I have tried to break the window into two parts. However, there is error in honeybee zone indicates that the zone is not closed volume. This is because there is an overlaping wall that has the window in it. I attached the example file that I made. I have searched in the entire forum no one has made a partial shading model. And it has not been possible in current version of honeybee. Maybe you should edit it manually using energy plus idf.

inti_v18.gh (659.0 KB)