EP windows shade generator component error

Hi All,

i don’t know why i continuosly receive this error from the EP windows shade generator component:

“1. Solution exception:honeybee_WinodowPropLib”

Any idea?

I attach the rhino and gh file

Thanks a lot in advance


2016-08-30.gh (667 KB)
2016-08-30.3dm (181 KB)

Hi Claudia,

Attached a (hopefuly) working version.

There was a need to update a couple of things. As for the WindowShadeGenerator pay attention that you need to set to True the writeEPObjs_ input.

See blue arrows for more changes as for the newest HB version.

I also marked with bix red X those elements that will be phased out or are not there anymore. We need to get used to those changes.

I left a big question mark for Chris, asking for his advice as what i did is right for the Ideal Loads System. An updated example on Hydra will be helpful. I think i did ok but to be sure … wait for his answer.


20160830_AY.gh (737 KB)

Hi Abraham,

Thank you for the reply. Due to the large number of discussions if there is anything that Chris and I need to have a look it’s more reliable to post them on github. I’m not sure if Chris has seen your comment. I wish ning had the feature to mention names similar to github, twitter, etc.


Hi Mostapha,

The truth is that in my answer there was nothing to post on github. I was in doubt about how to define correctly an Ideal System, but i think i get it from the last Chris’s webinar.

If Claudia is still in need of this discussion i can update the file, but seems to be that she isn’t.