Eplus output variable to report total ventilation load

I have a Parkade below ground with an electric heating coil supplying ventilation air 4 hours/day, LA temp is 10C, No cooling included. There is no other system in the picture.
Parkade: Heating coil energy use 30,934 kWh (10C LA),
Output variables : Zone Mechanical Ventilation No Load Heat Addition Energy (J) = 2,160 kWh(annual) and Zone Mechanical Ventilation No Load Heat Removal Energy=59,020 kWh(annual).
Hoping someone can help answer the following questions:

  1. I am trying to understand how I can use the Eplus Zone mechanical ventilation output variables to arrive at total ventilation heating energy. Which in this case is clearly heating coil heating annual energy use 30,934 kWh. However the Eplus output variable Zone Mechanical Ventilation No Load Heat Removal Energy=59,020 kWh on its own is higher than the heating coil energy use. The zone setpoint temperature is also 10C so why would this value be so different?
  2. To calculate total ventilation load can these output variables be used reliably? Are there any exceptions?

Hi @Arhaan ,

If you are asking what the EnergyPlus outputs mean, you should probably take a good look through the Engineering reference:

I work with several different E+ outputs on a daily basis but even I don’t always know exactly what is included in them offhand.

If the reference isn’t good enough and you have a specific question about what is/is not included in a given E+ output, someone on UnmetHours might know.