Epw file location

I would like to know how near the epw file need to be to the project location?
I mean, I’m in a Italian town named Ventimiglia and I’ve found the epw file of the Sanremo station that is at about 30 km distant. Could be enough to use these data or I need to find the exactly data of my project?
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TMY weather data is not available for all the locations of the earth. Therefore, it is fine to use a nearby location as long as the location resembles the climate of the place you’re interested in.

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The best is to have a weather station at your plot. This one is difficult, right?
The closer the station to your site the results will be more reliable. You need to know what kind of data from the station you take can resemble your local conditions, if the location is to far.
Use your common logic.

Or use meteonorm to interpolate between different climate and take into account specific site effets.