EPWMAP_Data for Milan_ERROR

Hi there,

I am testing the latest version of Ladybug and I am working on garphs for weather data from Milan.
My illumination data comes out wrong…

It looks like it is happening with Italian cities(I tried 3 and they all come the same).

Also the Wind Rose fro Italian Cities looks unusual.

I found on Line a Wind Rose from Milan that looks very different.

Anyone has any idea what is wrong?



hi @Juls
I tried, everything seems to be working fine. Please upload your file.

Hi Aliarch,

thank you for your reply. It looks like you are not in Milan. What city did you test?
I also have good results for other places, but it looks like few places in Italy I tried they all fail to pick up data.
Try Milan…

Unfortunately, I get a msg that as a new user I can not upload attachment…so I cant send you my file, looks like…



Hi @Juls ,

Some of the fields for certain EPW files are “filler values” indicating that the data is missing or unavailable. That seems to be the case for the particular files that you looked at bere. Particularly because the EPW illuminance fields aren’t used by EnergyPlus or Radiance, I imagine that the author of those EPW files still thought it was worthwhile to share the EPW even though they didn’t have data for those fields.

If you really need this illuminance data, I know that all of the EPW files distributed by the DOE will have these fields. These types of EPWs with missing data will only be found in the EPWs distributed by OneBuilding.

FYI, you gain the ability to upload files by browsing multiple discussions on the forum. It’s essentially a defense mechanism for the forum against spam. You should always be able to post links and URLs, though, which might be just as good for this case.

Hi Chris,

thank you for your reply.

Do you think this can be the case(filler value) with the Wind Speed and Wind Direction?
I was trying to generate a wind Rode and it doesn’t look right.

Then I looked on internet for the Milan Wind Rose and it is really different then what I was getting with the wind rose component…

Yes definitely. Wind is one of those data fields that is only available from certain weather stations. However, unlike illuminance, wind is used in the EnergyPlus simulation. So it’s good to keep that in mind if you’re using the EPW for an energy simulation.