Eror in simulation daylight

hi everyone
can you help me about this error?
i try somulation daylight and i in front of with error run of component run red annula rusalt.

  1. Solution exception:index out of range: 0

Hi @hakan

Can you provide more details regarding the problem? e.g. what kind of daylight simulation are you intending to run. Also, it would be useful if you can share your Rhino model and GH definition

Best regards,

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hi dlagol
thanks for answer
this is photo of algoritm and erorr componenet

01.3dm (27.6 KB) (835.1 KB)

IRN_TE_Tehran.Mehrabad.Intl.AP.407540_ITMY.stat (47.7 KB)

Hi @hakan,

could you please send me also the .epw file as well as your simulation results?

I’m trying to send a file, but I can’t
I do not know the reason

It´s ok, I already found the .epw file :wink: As for the result files: maybe try compressing the folder before sending it.

are you have id telegram?
can i send for you epw file via telegram? (320.1 KB)

Hi @hakan,

So I think I found the problem. I believe it´s related to the way you were trying to read the results… basically you were missing a couple of components. Before you were trying to read the results directly from “RunDaylight Simulation”.

A proper way to do it is by using “Honeybee LookupDaylighting Folder” (see the screenshot attached) I added this workflow to your GH definition (inside the blue group :wink: ) Make sure that you input the path for your simulation results.

This should fix it

Best regards, (868.2 KB)

thanks daniel
whats your idea about study folder?

Sorry I don´t think I understand what you are asking. Could you please elaborate a little bit your question?

when i open this file
more of componenet has error

whats your idea of ths adress:
is this adress about wether file?

Hi @hakan,

You need to provide there the path to your result files. The current input is the path to my own results, that´s why you are getting that error :wink:

i dont my friend
thanks for your helps.

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No problem, it was a pleasure.

Best regards,

this algoritm is my thesis

hi daniel
how are you?
are you have other solotion for this erorr?