Error as adjacent surfaces "does not have the same materials in the reverse order as the construction" but they do

This questiuon has been posed a few years ago but there haven’t been any responses. I’m having the same error and am hoping people can help me.

I modelling a single level house with three seperate vertical thermal zones (sub-floor, main building, roof). I have matched the constructions for the main-building->ceiling and the roof->floor in reverse error, however I still get the following error:

  1. ** Severe ** GetSurfaceData: Construction INTERIOR_CEILING of interzone surface BATHROOM_3771FA9D…FACE2 does not have the same materials in the reverse order as the construction INTERIOR_FLOOR of adjacent surface ROOF_08798B71…FACE4

Did you ever solve this issue?

No, I couldn’t solve this unfortunately

It could be that you’re creating the same material twice, ie two components both named Insulation (Glass Wool). Although you’ve given them the same name they are two different materials as they’re input into individual components.

Instead the ceiling should use the same OpaqueMaterial components as are used for floor

Hopefully that fixes it.