Error during startup. Component missing

Hello everyone.

I have been getting an error every time I open one of my honeybee definitions. It basically regarding the honeybee_Itemselector


Ever since this error came up, the item selector has been missing. I tried uninstalling and deleting all the files - then reinstalled , but the item selector is still missing.

Any ideas how I can get it back?

Thanks in advance

Hi @FabianPosadas, you might have mistakenly copied it to userobjects folder instead of libraries folder. Here is the gha file. Make sure to unblock it after downloading the file.

ItemSelector.gha (29.5 KB)

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Thank you Mostapha! That was it

Hello mostapha
I did and it still does not work!!!
I cant find honeybee_Itemselector

@roya After copying just go to properties and check box on unblock.