Error EnergyPlus simulation

Hi everyone,

I am trying to run this simulation but I get several errors. The strange thing is that the same file runs fine on my old computer with the older version of honeybee.
If I run the simulation with the newest version is not taking into account the shading layer. Here the error:
This component does not support shading control in versions of E+ greater than 9.0.0.
Use and older version of EnergyPlus or use the OpenStudio component.
I have installed only 8.5 E+ version but the component is still creating a 9.0 version. How can I run an older E+ version?
I tried OpenStudio too, but it does not work.

Please find attached the grasshopper file. Can someone give me some hint on how solve this problem?


Andrea (916.8 KB)

@chris should be able to help you about the versioning. I assume it uses the version that comes with OpenStudio and only looks for separate EnergyPlus installation if OpenStudio is not available.