Error Honeybee Component "GenClimateBasedSky"


Hi, I got this error and do not know what to do.

Can not find gendaylit.exe at c:\radiance\bin\Make sure that gendaylit is installed on your system.

Here is what I installed:

Thanks for your help!


Maybe you used older version of Radiance. Please update Radiance 5.1 or later Version.
Here is the download link:

Another suggestion: you should update OpenStudio to 2.5.0 or later Version.


I use the latest version of Radiance.

The thing is that I tried to go on the open studio website for downloading the software, but I could just download “EnergyPlus”. Can you give me the exact link to the download?

Thank you for your help!


Here is the download link:


Laydbug can deal with Open Studio 2.8?


If you do then gendaylit should be part of the installation. Can you check and see where did you install Radiance? Is it installed at ‘c:\Radiance’ or you have installed it in Program Files by mistake?


thanks a lot for your help!