Error in building HBzones

Hi everybody

Can you please help me through

I have got this simple problem after updating Honeybee and Ladybug with update component.

what should I do to fix the problem?

thanks a lot (456 KB)

Hi farzane,

your HBzone is not closed, you have a ‘Null Brep’ in this part here:

You are right about the error message, in fact I have modified some HB HB lines to run the component.

The lines are:

I have closed your HBzone and managed the exception and your file works fine. About the exception I have to ask to Mostapha and Chris.



Hi Antonello, Is this a bug or a user error? We’re releasing a new version and I want to make sure that we will have this one fixed if this is a bug.

Thank you so much Antonello

In fact I used Chris’s file (honeybee energy modeling) to create hbzones by myself and before updating everything was fine but after new version I got this error.

Farzane, Antonello, and Mostapha,

This was code that I had added in yesterday to fix a very rare bug but it apparently created several much more common bugs. I have removed it and everything should be back to normal:…

Sorry for the inconvenience here.


Now everything is perfect…

Thanks a lot Chris