Error in RunEnergySimulation

Hi All,

I am having problem in RunEnergySimulation component.

The component is showing the message as below.

  1. Solution exception:‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character ‘\u30C9’ in position 212

Does anyone have any idea how I can solve this problem?

I file and screenshot.

Thank you in advance. (175 KB)

Please internalise the geometry …

Hi Katsuya and Abraham, This is the second encoding error that I see today.

Katsuya, what is the default language that you use on your system and is changing to EN solves the issue?

Also can you send me the results folder so I can check the results .csv file?



Maybe we should change from reading ASCII files if it causes issue for many users: (…)

Hi Abraham and Mostapha,

Thank you for replying.


I attached new file that internalised geometry.Please look at it.


The default language I am using is as below.

OS(Windows) : Japanese

Rhinoceros/Grasshopper :English

I may misunderstand your intention.

I attached result folders to this post.But I couldn’t find .csv file in that folder.

Thank you for your help. (170 KB) (6.86 KB)

Hi Katsuya,
Your file runs fine on my system. So i beleive Mostapha’s comment is right. Somewhere along the way you are using “foreign” language that the ascii encoder is not able to understand.
Check your path for the epw file and/or E+. Can be that they are located in a directory which name is not in english (latin characters) (Japanese, for instance)?
Your “directory results” is almost empty. Only the idf has some content and the bat if empty. Si i also assume that you don’t get even the simulation started and this strengthens the previous argument.

Hi Abraham,Mostapha

Thank you for replying.
I could solve the problem.
You were right!
I have been locating epw file in the folder that is written in Japanese.
Thank you very much for your kind help!

Great and thank you Katsuya for reporting!