Error: internal floors and ceiling not having same construction in reverse order (but they do) (1010.9 KB) Hey, I’m trying to simulate a radiant floor in honeybee on a 4 storeys simple model, but when I run the simulation I receive the error message
“1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
** Severe ** GetSurfaceData: Construction 4IN RADIANT SLAB CONSTRUCTION of interzone surface INTERNAL_FLOORS does not have the same materials in the reverse order as the construction INTERIOR CEILING of adjacent surface _CEILING”

I tried everything I could to solve it, ending up assigning the constructions individually, but even now I have the same error. Note that when I check the geometry with Honeybee_Label_zone_surfaces the surfaces are just as they should be, and the floors and ceiling have a symmetrical construction so they surely have the same materials and in reverse order.
Anyone had a similar situation and knows how to solve it?

I’m also getting a similar error when trying to assign ceiling or interior floor construction in the HB Interior Construction Subset. What I don’t quite undertand is why does the ceiling/internal floor have to be symetrical/same materials in the reverse order? For example, if I have a wood floor covering on the upper side of the floor construction, does it mean I have to have a wood covering under the ceiling too?

Did you manage to solve this?
I am having the same problem. I have the adjacent surfaces constructions applied in reverse order, i’ve tried a few ways, but i am still getting the error:

  1. ** Severe ** GetSurfaceData: Construction INTERIOR_CEILING of interzone surface BATHROOM_3771FA9D…FACE2 does not have the same materials in the reverse order as the construction INTERIOR_FLOOR of adjacent surface ROOF_08798B71…FACE4