Error Message - "No Module named string"

Ladybug looks like a terrific add-on, but I am having trouble getting it working. I was able to “install” the user objects and the components are visible in the GUI. When I try to enable the “letItFly” component, I get the following report:

“Runtime error (ImportException): No module named string.”

I double-checked that I am using Rhino 5, GHPython, and Grasshopper 0.9.0014.

Can anyone offer some help?

The module named string is part of the standard Rhino.Python library. If you get this error it could be an indication that the Python module search paths are not set up correctly. It happened to me the other day when upgrading from the Rhino 5 beta to the full commercial version. You can check your paths in the normal Python script editor (editPythonScript) under options. Hope it helps.

Hi Burin,

Apparently the component is importing an older version of the libraries. If you upgraded to Rhino 5 the paths might be still pointing to a directory where Rhino 5 used to be installed.

Use the file attached to check the path on your system. Below is the result on my system. Updating the libraries should solve the problem.


Mostapha (1.09 KB)

I also suspected the same thing (because I ran into the search path problem before), but it seems that all of the Python search paths are set up correctly because I am able to perform other Python functions.

Any other ideas?

<edit: AD, you were right. I was missing the C:\Program Files… path (see below).>

Thank you! Evidently, I didn’t have the C:\Program Files… path. It’s up and running now and looks fantastic.


Ha! I didn’t see your reply… I should have refreshed the page before posting mine I think! :slight_smile:

Hehe, well at least that means there is now a very thorough answer for future forum reference :wink:


   I have the same problem. How can we updating the librairies to solve this?


Hi Aurelien, Did you figure out how to solve this issue? I assume this shouldn’t be a problem with the newer versions.