Error of "Honeybee_Glazing based on ratio" component


I have a problem with “Honeybee_Glazing based on ratio” component. Whenever I open my file, this competent gives me the following error and does not work until I replace the component again. So, whenever I reopen the file, I should replace this component for simulation.

Error: 1. Solution exception:name ‘EPConstructions_’ is not defined

it should be noted that No construction is attached to the component.

I do not know what the problem is and how I can solve it. Does anybody have an idea for that ?

Hi Fatemeh,

From the attached image it looks like the error is related to how you are making your HBZones. Can you share the GH file with geometry internalized? I could take a look.


Hi Devang,

Thank you for your reply. Attached you can find GH file. Every time I open this file, I have to replace the “Honeybee_Glazing based on ratio” component with a new one.

Thank you.

Sorry I forgot to attach the file. (485 KB)

Hi Fatemeh,

You need to reinsert new component of the glazing based on the ratio.

-Omid (492 KB)

Hi Omid,

Thank you. I know reinserting this component solve the problem. But every time which I open this file, It gives me this error and I have to reinsert this component. I want to know the main problem. It also happen for some other components.

I am not sure if I am being helpful here. I always replace Honeybee_Honeybee and Ladybug_Ladybug component after update.

Thank you So much. I will do your process from now. it might help