Error: saying needing updated ladybug


I am a new user to grasshopper and ladybug, I followed all the instructions online and downloaded both honeybee and ladybug in order to perform a sun study for my roof design.

However, my commands always pop up orange telling me that I need a newer version of ladybug, however my version should be already the most updated version. Also it was working initially and running the sunpaths, it is when I wanted to perform the ladybug sunlight hour analysis that it stopped working. I have attached my file below.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

weather (582 KB)


Not sure what you are trying to do with all those sunpaths, but they, in general, are ok.

As for the sunlight hours you were missing to provide some inputs and geometry (both geometry and context). See attached. Just put a box and a surface to test. It works now.

-A. (587 KB)

Thanks so much !