Error simulation: files .eio and .csv

Hi guys,

The file let me starting the analysis, and I could get the files .idf, .bat, .rvaudit but not the files .eio and .csv. Using the program EnergyPlus (the external program, not the Grasshopper plug-in) I could get those files but I still have the two following problems:

  1. Your simulation probably did not run correctly.
    Check the report out of the Run Simulation component to see what severe or fatal errors happened in the simulation.
    If there are no severe or fatal errors, the issue could just be that there is .eio file adjacent to the .csv _resultFileAddress.
    Check the folder of the file address you are plugging into this component and make sure that there is both a .csv and .eio file in the folder.

  2. No surface information was found in the imported .eio file adjacent to the .csv _resultFileAddress.Data cannot be normalized by surface area and the data tree outputs for surface data will not be grafted by zone.

Can you help me please?

Thank you

TESTV00.0220170601DB.3dm (137 KB) (720 KB)
ITA_Venice.161050_IWEC.epw (1.48 MB)

Davide, were you able to find a solution to these errors? I am also running into this.

Hi laura, I solved by installing the latest version of openstudio 2.0