Error with Ventilation measure from BCL

Hi all, I am trying to put a night ventilation through a measure from BCL. But unfortunately load measures throws an error like this.


@Asisnath ,

This is because that measure is invalid and is not following the OpenStudio Measure schema. There’s a Choice argument without any choices:


This is what a Choice argument is supposed to look like:

As you can see, you can’t even apply the measure from the OpenStudio Application:

If you change the Choice argument to be a String instead, it should work correctly.

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Actually, I realized that this Choice argument is meant to be model-dependent and it’s just incorrectly labeled as such. So it’s still an OpenStudio Measure schema error but not as severe. I see that the measure can actually be applied through the OpenStudio Application as long as a Model is open that contains schedules:

Unfortunately, these types of model-dependent measures can’t be applied from Grasshopper since they require the OSM to exist and to be loaded with the OpenStudio SDK as you are applying the measure arguments.

The workaround that I said with the String argument will still work from Grasshopper, though. Here’s a version of the measure that you can run from Grasshopper:

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Thanks @chris. Can this measure be applied as exhaust fan for night flushing?

I guess if your _ventilation_schedule is for the night time, then you can call it night flushing. I didn’t read what this measure does, though. I only tweaked the input so that it’s usable from Grasshopper.

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