Error with VSC analysis


Rhino 6/Grasshopper. I’m reusing a year old recipe to do VSC that worked before, but doesn’t seem to run on the latest LB/HB. The run DaylightAnalysis component gives me error:

“1. Solution exception:Could not find file ‘C:\Simulation\ProjectName\VSC_Test\VSC\error.log’.”

I’m using legacy components but have [+] installed. I’ve tried installing/reinstalling several times. Tried attaching the file but cant due to new user. Can you help me?


Send a link to the file.

Here is the file:

The geometry was not internalised.

LBPLUS_RH VSC w internalised (497.6 KB)

Sorry, try this one instead.

Can be that it was a mater of updating the components.
I did and it runs fine on my machine.
I simplified some values so please check the attached file …
LBPLUS_RH VSC w internalised (513.3 KB)

Thanks! I’m still getting the same error, Solution Exception. I guess it must be something with my installation.

Hi again, I figured out what I did wrong: I had Radiance installed in the default folder and not in C:\Radiance. Thanks for your time!