Errors with Writing OS File


I am testing baseline systems with Honeybee with OS. I created a very simple zone in energyplus and import the idf in Honeybee. Baseline system 5 is setup with components. then The OS errors says in the screen shot. Please help me! My file is also attached.

What is the work flow for importing idf with thermal zone information only and create the HVAC system in GH ? Does it need to solve adjacencies again ?

Thank you (528 KB)

The error has something to do with the filepath. I haven’t checked your file yet but why don’t you create the energy model in Rhino/Grasshopper with hoenybee?

I didn’t have your idf file but tried with a different idf file and it works fine. To fix the bug you need to connect a name to fileName_. For some reason the default value has been removed.