Export Honeybee numerical results and graphs and apply OS report measures

Hi all,

Does someone of you have a good receipe how to export simulations results from the honeybee world for post processing (excel, matlab…). It works basically with the csv-schedule export, but thats very unhandy for several datasets and also not nice to handle. Another possibility I read about was via Bumblebee (I am still trying to get this running…). But if there is a more practical solution in honeybee available, I am happy to hear your suggestions…

Also, I am struggeling with exporting the plots generated in Rhino as pdf or jpg. At least the bar plot allows to bake it (last input parameter), but somehow this function generates a error, there seems to be a problem with the weatherf file naming…
I am also happy to hear about this for good solutions

And is it also possible in honeybee, to apply Reporting measures (like they are available in OpenStudio to generate html-reports). So far it did not work for me.

Thanks a lot for your hints in advance!


What are you trying to do? Can you mention a good example of what would be your ideal solution?

You need to be more specific on what you are trying to do but at the minimum you can always use capture screen commands.

You have to be specific about what has failed. In theory you can load OpenStudio measures to Honeybee. What is the exact issue in your case?

This post might help: https://discourse.ladybug.tools/faq