Export to Openstudio. Error "must be string or number, not tuple"

Hi guys,

trying this hydra file and having the component Export to Openstudio error : argument must be a sting or a number, not ‘tuple’…

Outdoor_Microclimate_Map_VTESTED.gh (716.9 KB)

ideas ?

Hi @CharlesCollin,

The error because the analysisperiod is connected to the _energySimPar. Thanks,

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Thank you @MohammedAlshayeb :wink: !

As I just execute the Hydra file, maybe it could be updated so others won’t struggle with this simple issu ! @chris


Charles C.

Ah. Thanks for bringing this to my attention and I must of connected it worngly when I updated the example file… I’ll try to fix the Hydra example shortly.

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I just fixed this:

Thanks again!