ExportToOpenStudio cannot find CSV file

Hi All,

I’m trying to run heating and cooling energy use analysis based on a custom ventilation schedule.
When I run ExportToOpenStudio component, it gets error and says that it can’t find CSV file.

This is the error I get.

  1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
    ** Severe ** ProcessScheduleInput: Schedule:File=“SCHTEST1”, File Name=“c:\ladybug est_natural_ventilation\OpenStudio\SCHtest1.csv” not found.

It’s strange because the CSV file generated by CreateCSVSchedule component is stored at c:\ladybug\EPCSVSchedules.

Does anyone know how to get this work?
I’ve attached the screenshot for your reference.


Hello yoshikawa,

I experienced the same problem. If you pay attention on the folder that EP is looking for the schedule, it is not the correct one. I changed the idfFileName to something different than test* and now it works.

Hope it works for you as well.