Exterior energy simulation on pavement

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I’m recently using HB for exterior energy simulation. Since I’m not sure if there is any parameter being directly related to exterior factors, I created tiny boxes as breps and manipulate it with indoor setting in HB. I wonder if there is another way to do exterior energy simulation on pavement that can let me adjust its materials and conditions. Currently, my definition has some problems as well, such as things shown below.

  1. comfortRecipe came out nothing
  2. breps are too flat that they are recognized as open brep while doing glaze on them.

Also, I wonder if it’s necessary to have adjacent structure for energy simulation.
I may try to create HBSrfs applying on them to see if there are any different result and flexibility for adjustment of materials. I will be glad for any info and suggestions Thanks a lot.

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test.3dm (334.5 KB)
test.gh (205.9 KB)

If you want to measure UTCI, please check this hydra example to understand the workflow.

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