Externa Vs Internal Shading Iteration

Hi guys,

I’m trying to iterate between two different scenarios of shading using EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator. These two scenarios are:

  1. Internal shade roller (type 1) with type 1 of solar control (OnIfHighSolarOnWindow ).
  2. External fixed overhangs

The problem is that two different outputs are used for each scenario:

  1. using HBObjWShades for the first scenario so that would be the zone input for the component coming after shading (rotation in my case)
  2. using ShadeBreps that is connected to context shading in the second scenario and then connected to the energy simulation, also in this scenario the zones connected to rotation are connected from the previous component rather than shading component (glazing components in my case).

How would I be able to iterate between the two, given that we are using different inputs and outputs for each scenario? below is a sketch of what I’m trying to explain.

I’ve also attached a simplified GH file below. Would appreciate your thoughts/help :slight_smile:


Internal and External Shading.gh (838.3 KB)

@AbrahamYezioro might need your help with the above, any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Don’t know why you are asking me … but i gave it a shot.
See yellow group in the attached (Internal and External Shading_AY.gh (750.6 KB) ).

Using the Stream Filter component you can set the option of using/not using the context shaders. You need to set the value of the slider to 0 for scenario 1 or 1 for scenario 2.


Awesome, thank you @AbrahamYezioro.
I asked you because I remembered you helped me on the forum before with something related to results filtering so thought you might know the answer to this. Anyways what you suggested seems to solve the issue :slight_smile: thanks

Good. Glad to help.