Extract dates from Analysis Period

Hello everyone,

Recently I have been testing the Urban Microclimate - Simple Spatial UTIC http://hydrashare.github.io/hydra/viewer?owner=chriswmackey&fork=hydra_2&id=Urban_Microclimate_-_Simple_Spatial_UTCI&slide=0&scale=5.656854249492379&offset=-2136.2071801932125,-629.3527033299482

And while using the “Extreme Hot Week” information list. I was wondering how to extract it’s information in day, month and hour. For example; the “Extre hot week” is a list with 2 items (7,6,1) and (7,12,24).

How can I extract and disfragmentate the first item month 7, day 6, hour 1. The idea is to extract and disfragmentate to later imput the data on a DOY/HOY or if possible to extract directly the HOY.

For the Urban Microclimate might not be too interesting. But I have recently started with ladybug, and I feel knowing how to do this action will help me in the future to automatize better other process.


Hey @Barbarur ,

You can do it with native Grasshopper components like so:

AnalysisPeriod_to_HOY.gh (374.0 KB)

Great! Thanks a lot Chris.