FacesByType and ByBC visualization in different energy models

Hi all,
I´ve noticed that in the sample file shoe_box_energy _model I cannot visualize the faces with the commands FacesByType and ByBC. Only after adding HB Color Face Attributes I can see them. Could anybody explain me why in this model generated by faces the commands work differently than in another files like single_family_energy_model generated by rooms?
Thanks in advance.
shoe_box_energy_model_PC.gh (76.7 KB)

Hey @PatriciaEdithCampore ,

I think you confused two similar components with each other. I see in your .gh file that you’re using the HB Faces by Type component but it appears that you actually want to use the HB Visualize by Type component. I know that the difference seems subtle but they have two very different purposes.

Hi @chris ,
I understand what you mean. The Faces by type and BC are HB model visualization and not HBE vizualizations. Excuse me that I didn´t explain myself correctly. The matter is that when I use the commands FacesByType and ByBC from a model generated by faces I cannot see the command visualizations. But when I use a room generated model, they work perfectly well and I see the faces in color.
Thanks again.