Failed Radiation Analysis

I can’t understand why Ladybug run a wrong radiation analysis on my surface.
I upload an image to show what the problem is about: it seems that the radiation comes from somewhere under the surface, and not above it as it should be! There is not any context geometry, so I really don’t know what’s wrong with my file.
Can anyone please help me?
Thanks Pietro

For those of you who will face the same problem, i 've just found the solution: it consists in “flipping” the Rhino surface (command “Flip”), and run again the analysis!

Hi Pietro,

I’d like to suggest you to try this out:

go to Tools/Options/View/Display Modes/Shaded

and change backface color to something bright, toxic or glamorous (in my case acid green)

This way you will always know which side faces what direction.

Hi Tim,

thanks for the advice, it ll be really useful for me to recognize the direction of each face!