Filter Surfaces Based on cut off Solar Irradiation Kwh/m2

Hi all,

I am trying to perform a solar analysis on a combination of surfaces to separate surfaces on the basis of kwh/m2 of solar irradiation. However, after filtering I get meshes, not the original surfaces. These meshes have a lot of faces and I cannot reconstruct my original surfaces which are receiving desired solar irradiation.
I found a script shared on this forum and it is good to sort the meshes but I am having trouble obtaining the original surfaces.

Could you please help me with how can I proceed and get my desired surfaces?

Thanks a lot! (447.0 KB)

Can someone please have a look?

I don’t know if it is your need.


wow, yes I think it is what I have been trying to achieve. I’ll give it a go. Thank you so much Xiao!!