Free form Facade


i have question about freeform skin analize

i have freeform skin that i wanna analize daylight and termal comfort,can i analize this skin that made of mesh faces using ladybug+honeybee?

Hello Faranak,

Yes LB/HB is very much the tool to use to analyze both daylight and thermal comfort of interior spaces. Daylighting would be extremely easy, as all you would need to do is to plug in your surfaces without worrying about creating zones/closed volumes. I’m guessing that you would use polysurfaces/surfaces instead of meshes, but I really can’t remember if you can use meshes directly since I’ve never done it and not on my computer atm.

For the case of thermal comfort things get a bit more complicated. The reason is E+ does not do well with complex or non-convex geometries. I am guessing that quite a few errors would come up during the simulation. Furthermore, since E+ does not accept curved surfaces, HB automaticall transforms them into flat surfaces, which can really make a model computational intensive very fast. A usual strategy is to simplify model geomtry to the extent that you don’t think the validity of results compared to the original geometry would not be lost.

A bit generic, but I hope it is a beginning.

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thank u very much,but do you know any software that i can analyze thermal comfort for this skins?