Front and back reflectance of a glass

Hi everybody;

For daylight analysis, if I have a glass with different reflectances in front and back, how can i set them?

Thanks a lot

I haven’t done it myself but I imagine you can use Optics to generate a BSDF for the glass and assign it to glass for daylight simulation.

Hi Mostapha;

As I did not know how to export a BSDF file in Optics, I export an .xml file in Window and assign it to Honeybee but it seems that does not work.


Hi Masoome,

I do believe that’s how most bsdf’s will apear in the output of the component (if I remember correctly from my cases). Have you tried running a simulation and compare it to a simple window of the same thickness/characteristics (minus the different reflectances)?

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Hi Masoome,

I think you might be able to do it if you can generate IDF for your model and edit it in idf editor. You can input both the reflectance values under WindowMaterial: Glazing. You can again bring the modified idf in to honey bee for results visualization and further analysis. Hope this helps.

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