Gbxml to honeybee

I imported a gbxml from revit to honeybee. I then use the model for energy simulation. After simulation, from the generated IDF file, I found that the construction materials used for energy simulation are not from the gbxml file. I then tried to export a new gbxml file after imported the old gbxml (from revit) to honeybee. And then import the newly exported gbxml to openstudio. The construction materials are imported successfully. Why honeybee does not use the imported construction materials from gbxml for energy simulation?

Hi @liyucare, Honeybee uses OpenStudio libraries to import gbXML files and technically they should generate the same result. @chris knows more about the current limitations of the component.

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@liyucare ,
The Honeybee gbXML importer should be importing the constructions from the gbXML when they are present. Can you upload the problematic gbXMl to see if we can recreate the issue on our end?